Consumables for bank machines

Rollco Bulgaria is the only producer of original roll consumables for cash terminals in this country.

We offer you a product with well established and constant technical characteristics, recognized by cash terminal producers like Wincor Nixdorf.

Only certified high quality Kanzan thermo paper is used for the production of cash terminal rolls. It is of European origin and leaves clear print on each receipt, without emitting dust and fibrils. If correctly stored, Rollco guarantees 10 years of print duration.

Rollco Bulgaria gives you the unique chance to carry out your advertising campaign so that your message can reach all your clients.The information about your bank like credits and deposits, services that you offer, or your logo can be colourfully printed on the back of your cash terminal roll, as an advertising text or graphic image.

Our marketing deparrtment will assist you in a number of concept projects to obtain an attractive and effective vision.

Take a moment to look at the brochure for more information about the original cash terminal consumables.