Rolls for cash machines

Rollco Bulgaria uses only certified materials for making cash register rolls. It has been proved that hi-tech paper does not emit dust and fibrils, thus making your machine last longer. All rolls are rolled on a solid PVC spool, which prevents the deformation of the roll or its displacement during performance.

The even compactness of winding from beginning to end, together with the precise length are ensured by a digital control system.

Each roll made in the Rollco plant bears marking of the exact length in meters, for instance 28 m. where deviation is guaranteed to range between +1/+2 m. This is one of the criteria which enables the client to recognize the original roll from the widely spread “fakes”. The latter do not bear the size marking and the end of the roll is manually sticky taped.

You will find out for sure that our rolls are longer than all other rolls on the market which means that changing them is considerably more seldom.

Have a look at the brochure and get to know all the characteristics that will enable you to distinguish the original rolls from the fakes.